Monday, July 29, 2013

Round Five, Week One

Wrapping up the week today, and it's been a pretty decent one.  Tuesday afternoon, Amy took me to my doctor's appointment, as Barry was still not feeling well.  I survived riding in her car that's older than she is, even with all its noises and shakes.  :)  (Love to tease her about it, but at least it runs and gets her where she needs to go!!)

Talked to Dr. Cutler about Barry's research into my anti-anxiety medication, Celexa---which has side effects of neutropenia and low blood pressure, BOTH of which are chemo issues as well, and both of which have been putting me in the hospital.  We tapered off my use of the Celexa, and I'm now off it entirely. Hoping that will improve my health issues and keep me out of the hospital for these last four rounds of chemo....fingers crossed!!!

Also discussed the new drug that I started with this round, which is less toxic than the one before--another helpful thing I hope!  It can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, however, so I get a Benadryl IV on chemo days before I get the actual chemo--and we altered my steroid dosages as well for these four rounds.

Wednesday morning it was off to chemo at 9 am, with a bag of snacks and books, since this new drug, along with the Benadryl, keeps me at the hospital for around 4 hours. I thought the Benadryl might make me fall asleep, since it usually does, but it just made me tired...I couldn't get comfortable enough in the recliner to sleep. So I just drank peach soda and ate Chicken in a Biskit crackers all morning, while reading and watching television.

Speaking of eating, my appetite was up all last week, and I gained some serious weight back. On Tuesday i weighed 116, and by Thursday afternoon I weighed almost 121...I was THRILLED!!!!! Who would have thought that, at my age, weight gain would be a good thing? LOL

Anyhow, came home Wednesday afternoon and KEPT eating like I was starving. Wound up with a bit of a rash on my chest Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but that was the entire extent of this round's side nausea, no queasiness. That was a relief.

Back to the hospital Thursday afternoon to get my Neulasta shot, to stimulate my white blood cells.  Without the Celexa, I've noticed that I'm feeling more bone pain as the cells grow....been having to use my heating pad on my legs most evenings since then. It's uncomfortable, but it's not unbearable, so I'm dealing with it.

Other than that, the rest of the week has been pretty quiet. I'm still on self-imposed "house arrest," so I'm doing a lot of reading and spending a lot of time on Facebook. Thankful for all the friends and family who offer me support and encouragement online and in real life---makes the days a bit easier to bear.

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