Monday, June 24, 2013

Deja Vu

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, but once again, I was back in the hospital, dealing with a fever of basically unknown origins.  Here's what I do know, as sketchy as it is.

Last Tuesday, June 18th, I woke up knowing it was going to be an allergy day---my eyes were runny and itchy, my nose was running, and  my throat was sore. I didn't want to take anything for it, as my medicine options are very limited while I'm on chemo, so I decided I'd just wait till this Tuesday (tomorrow) to ask Dr. Wood for a recommendation on how to deal with them this summer. Sounded good at the time, but as the day went on and I felt worse and worse, I wasn't so sure.

By around 6 pm., I KNEW I had a fever, even without checking it, and I knew I was going to wind up admitted again. Sure enough, the thermometer delivered the bad while Barry and Amy ate dinner, I packed up a bag of all the stuff I had to have Barry bring me at the hospital last time, so I'd be prepared. Then I threw on a nice comfy sweatsuit, in hopes that would keep me from having to wear the dreaded hospital gown (thankfully it worked!).

Got to the ER around 7, and went into a room almost immediately. Had to have blood work and a chest x-ray, same routine as last time. Spent a lot more time just sitting around waiting this time around, though. It was nearly midnight by the time I was taken up to the third floor to my room.

Spent Wednesday,Thursday and Friday just hanging around the hospital. Did a lot of reading, watching tv, and working crossword puzzles. My temperature kept going up and down on Wednesday and Thursday, and the staff kept pumping me with antibiotics. Unfortunately, that also meant that I suffered the same side effects as last time--diarrhea and a rash. 

By Saturday morning, my blood counts had taken a big jump, and it was time to go home. By noon, we were on our way out the door!  I spent the rest of the day, as well as yesterday, just relaxing and taking it easy.

Today's plan is pretty much more of the same. I'm currently doing laundry, then I'll spend the rest of the day watching TV kicked back on the couch. Amy and I are having dinner with a friend tonight, but that's probably the only contact I'll have outside the house all week.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the oncologist, and my lab work. Wednesday morning is chemo, round three, and Thursday afternoon is my Neulasta shot to boost my white blood cells. 

Because of that shot, and the fact that it takes 6 to 9 days to actual kick in and boost anything, my plan for this two week cycle is to live like a hermit until next weekend, and see if that keeps me out of the hospital this time. If it does, then it will become my routine from here on out....if not, then I'm back to square one. Wish me luck!!!

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