Thursday, May 30, 2013

Long Update

Been a while since the last post, but things are still moving along. I saw Doctor Cutler, the medical oncologist (chemo doctor) on the 22nd. We couldn't get me in to have the port implanted until the 28th, so that moved the first round of chemo to the 29th.  In the meantime, we finished our cross town move, and got internet service at the new house, which is why I'm just now getting around to blogging again.

Tuesday morning I had to be at the hospital, in radiology, by 8 am. After talking with the nurse and the doctor, I got my IV started, got settled in on the table, endured the lidocaine shots (OW!!!) and then spent the next hour or so chatting away with the folks in the room, as I had to be only partially sedated so that I could take deep breaths as needed during the implantation.

I was home before noon, and then spent most of the rest of the day drifting in and out of sleep. When I woke up around dinnertime, I realized the bandage over the implantation site was blood soaked, so it was off to the ER for me and hubby. By the time I was seen, the bleeding had stopped, so they replaced the dressing and sent me home. We also discovered I was allergic to the Tegaderm tape they had used on the dressing as well, which may have irritated the site and increased the oozing of the blood. I never did get dinner, and just went to bed early!

Yesterday was the first chemo treatment. Since the port just went in the day before, using it was a little painful, but we expected that, and also expect it not to be true in two weeks. I started out with a saline flush of the port, then a dose of five anti nausea pills, a bag of antibiotic IV, a bag of chemo drugs (cytoxan), an infusion of the second chemo drug (adriamycin)----then another saline flush, and a heparin flush.

This all took about 2 hours, during which time I was reading, watching television, and sipping on a bottle of water, while relaxing in a nice comfy recliner. Then we made a run to Walgreens for some fruit juice and some munchies, and after that I was home for the day.

I've been feeling nausea off and on ever since, but I've been able to fight it back with small meals/snacks and lots of liquids. This morning I took both of my regular nausea meds, and my first steroid (2 a day for three days after chemo)--which is supposed to give me the munchies, and which my daughter Amy already plans to blame for any moodiness ("roid rage").

This afternoon, I go back to the hospital for a shot of Neulasta, which is to stimulate white blood cell growth. That brings us up to date, and I'll try to post as often as possible.

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