Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sorry I haven't written in a while--but did I mention that we're also moving this month? It's been crazy hectic around here, and it's gonna get worse as this week goes on, as we're finishing up and moving all our furniture on Friday and Saturday. THEN we have all the fun of unpacking and organizing the new place!

So, anyhow, here's where we are now. We received the MRI and PET scan results last week, which were mostly good news. None of the areas of concern actually showed any signs of cancer. All that was there was the original mass in the right breast, some lymph nodes in the right armpit, and some lymph nodes in the chest wall. That last part is the catch, though: because of where they are in the chest wall, my surgeon isn't confident that he would be able to remove them completely.

So, our new plan is to start chemotherapy next week. We're looking at eight treatments, every other week. After that, we'll do another scan, and then schedule the surgery.

A little later this morning, I have another appointment with Dr. Cutler, my chemo doctor, to work out all the details for next week, and to see about getting my port in before next Tuesday.

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