Monday, July 9, 2012

Who I Am

This post is written from a prompt, provided here:


4.) Fill in the blanks of this template and create your own I Am poem.

I Am
I am compassionate and loving
I wonder how the world really sees me
I hear the whispers in the wind
I see a rainbow in the sky
I want to be more courageous
I am compassionate and loving

I pretend that everything is fine
I feel the sand beneath my toes
I touch the hearts and minds of others
I worry about my children and my husband
I cry about the people that I miss
I am compassionate and lovign

I understand that life is short
I say live every day to its fullest
I dream of what could have been
I try to make others happy
I hope that I'll be remembered fondly.
I am compassionate and loving
© 2012 Teresa Kander

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful sentiments and nice take on the prompt:)


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