Monday, June 18, 2012

I Am NOT A Racist!!

Just took part in a discussion about immigration laws and illegal immigrants in the United States. Turns out that because I believe in being a law-abiding citizen, I'm a racist....and people like me are turning this country into a bunch of isolationists. Who knew?

I have nothing against immigrants coming to this country--as long as they go about it LEGALLY. We're a nation of immigrants, after all. But people who sneak in under cover of darkness, who want to start their life here right off the bat as criminals (that's what illegal MEANS, people, so don't get all defensive when I use the word!) are a different story.

And don't give me the line about how all the Europeans who came here and settled this country were illegal aliens as well. At that time, there were NO immigration laws in place for them to break, so all immigrants, no matter how they got here, or where they came from, were legal. Once the laws were put in place, however, it should be expected that immigrants follow them, as well as all of the other laws of the land.

I also don't agree with the benefits that are given to illegals, especially when we have so many of our own citizens in need who CAN'T get help. How does it make sense to give food stamps, medical assistance, and free tuition to people who aren't citizens, but deny it to those who are? That seems topsy-turvy, if you ask me.

I guess I'm just going to have to learn to walk away when this subject comes up in the future, since I refuse to take the politically correct view of things.

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