Friday, April 20, 2012

R Is For Random

And today I will just share some random thoughts about a variety of subjects.

* This is the weekend of the percussion competition at the local college....which means one of the team's is practicing in the parking lot of the YMCA directly behind our house, ALL DAY LONG. They start at 8 AM, and except for short breaks, practice till nearly dark. They started yesterday, and by this afternoon I'll have them tuned out, but until then...

*After having stayed away from it since July, and the end of The Trial That Shall Not Be Named, down in Florida, I have again become addicted to watching InSession on a daily basis. I am watching a trial related to the disappearance of Baby Gabriel, as well as all the preliminary proceedings taking place regarding George Zimmerman. My fascination with these things has probably pretty well destroyed any and all chances I might have of serving on a jury in any sort of major case.

* Two faced people are so much fun to watch, as long as you're not the person they're talking about. It's funny yet sad to hear them talk so poorly about people behind their backs and then act like their best friend to their face. And of course they're so convincing that there's no convincing the people being played that they really are being played!!

* No matter who you are, you can only lie to me and use me so many times before I wise up, get fed up, and walk away for good. You made your choices, now you're on your own....good luck with having to be a grown up for a change!!


  1. We have a very compelling baby disappearance case being tried in our county courts right now. I expect it will eventually end up on 48 hours or Dateline. Check out if you are interested (not my site- it's just an amazing case, though) I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at

  2. Ugh, some of these cases are just too hard to watch. So sad.

  3. i just realized recently that show had replaced court tv--i can watch them sometimes


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