Saturday, April 14, 2012

M Is For Music

Midway through the Blogging From A To Z Challenge's been a part of my life for pretty much ALL of my life.  I was in a children's choir at church when I was in elementary school, as well as loving to sing in music class. Toward the end of elementary school, I added instrumental music, as I began to play the trumpet. And of course, I always had music on at home, in my free time, whether it was the radio, my record player, or my cassette player.  In junior high, I continued to be in band and choir, and to enjoy music at home. In high school, I expanded my range: instrumentally, I participated in marching band, pep band, concert band, symphonic band, jazz ensemble, and took solos to contest two years; vocally, I was in concert and symphonic choirs, participated in three spring musicals (missed out my junior year because of a tonsillectomy and six weeks of recovery time!), and spent my senior year as a teaching assistant, working with several junior high girls ensembles.

While I no longer keep up with the trumpet playing, I am still very much a singer, although mostly just for myself these days, and I also have music on in the house almost all the time. I have very eclectic interests, from Lady Gaga to Miranda Lambert, from Neil Diamond to Pink, etc.  If you are a Facebook friend, you know that I post two videos per day, which very often have no relationship to each other in genre or content. I know what I like, and I love to share it!!!

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