Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J Is For Jokes

Day 10 of the Blogging A To Z Challenge.

This is another letter I had prepared in advance, with a post on jealousy. But, thanks to events earlier in the week, I changed it to what you're about to read. I am astounded at times by what some people think of as jokes. Why and how is making fun of another person, for any reason, humorous? And when that person is someone you care about, why would you want to make fun of them and hurt their feelings?  Yes, I understand that the intent may not be to hurt the other person's feelings...but when you say something, in a joking manner or not, that you know they may interpret in a way that will hurt them, it crosses a line, in my opinion. For something to be a joke, it needs to be humorous not just to the person who speaks it, but also to the audience who hears it!!!


  1. One of my pet peeves is when someone says something offensive or insulting, then says 'just joking.' You know they weren't joking and adding that disclaimer doesn't change the intent

  2. great point--and i believe there is always at least a small element of truth in all "just kidding"

  3. I hate pranks, and jokes that use other people as the punchline. Perhaps because I'm terminally gullible, so I'm always the one getting set up. I just don't find it funny to see that look of shock and dismay on someone's face when they realize they were just insulted. And yes, they'll smile after a few seconds, because no one wants to be a bad sport. Trust me when I say, odds are, they didn't really think it was funny.


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