Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Is For Invisible

Day 9 of the Blogging From A To Z Challenge.

Invisible...how I feel some days. As if no one sees me, or hears me, or even cares that I exist.  When people have a problem, or just need someone to talk to, I'm the one who is always there....the one that everyone sees as "the strong one."  But let ME have a problem, or feel less than happy on any given day, and watch everybody scatter to the four winds. Seems that the support and empathy never runs in both directions. After living for nearly 51 years, you would think that I'd expect it by now, and not get my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, THIS time, someone will be there to help ME make sense of things, to hold ME together, to tell ME that it's going to be alright. Just more wishful thinking, I suppose!!!

1 comment:

  1. i'm sorry you felt you were alone, today--hope tomorrow is better!


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