Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Just some random thoughts:

* Two faced people are so much fun to watch, as long as you're not the person they're talking about. It's funny yet sad to hear them talk so poorly about people behind their backs and then act like their best friend to their face. And of course they're so convincing that there's no convincing the people being played that they really are being played!!

* No matter who you are, you can only lie to me and use me so many times before I wise up, get fed up, and walk away for good. You made your choices, now you're on your own....good luck with having to be a grown up for a change!!

* Still not sure what's up with the "winter" we're having this year in Ohio. Hardly any snow, and days like today when it's nearly 60 degrees. Makes me wonder what kind of "summer" we're going to have to face!

* I LOVE the garlic butter flavored crescent rolls....saves me from having to spread garlic butter on the regular ones! :)

* Hate when we have really delicious cupcakes for dessert and I'm so full from dinner that I can't even THINK about eating one....gotta wait for snack time!!!

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