Monday, November 21, 2011

Looking Back (Goals I Set For This Year)

At the end of last December, I posted the following goals for 2011:

1) I will read at least 75 new books by the end of the year. I will create another blog with all the books I read as the year progresses.
2) I will finish my writing course.
3) I will have at least one article published.
4) I will get my drivers license.
5) I will start a 3x a week exercise program.

And here's the rundown on them at this point:
1) I just finished #55 last night, so I'm pretty sure I'll fall short. However, it's still more than one per week, so I'm okay with that.
2) SUCCESS....I finished my final lesson a couple of weeks ago.
3) Not yet, but my heart really hasn't been in submitting anything lately. However, I did get a poem published in a magazine, and I self-published a book of my poetry. So I'm going to call SUCCESS on this one as well.
4) Major FAIL on that one.
5) Major FAIL there as motivation for me.

This is why I usually try not to make resolutions or set goals....I'm not good with keeping up with them, and then I get upset with myself for that. So my one and only resolution for 2012 is NO RESOLUTIONS!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Last year I decided I'm not setting the typical "New Years Resolutions" anymore. I feel so pressured when I do that. Instead, I'm just setting resolutions in general so I don't feel like I've failed.

    I think you have some excellent accomplishments this year!! Way to go!


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