Monday, September 12, 2011

"Brat Bans"

Watching Dr. Phil this morning (darned George and Cindy Anthony interview postponed to tomorrow due to US Open coverage in some time slots and markets!), and felt compelled to comment on some of these instances.

1) Woman arrested because her baby was cooing too loudly in the library.
She played a tape of the sound of her son....and I'm sorry, but he WAS too loud for a library. I would have just taken the child out without creating a ruckus. Honestly, if at all possible, I wouldn't TAKE a baby to the library.

2) Man who tapped 4 yr old on the cheek because she was being disruptive in Walmart and got arrested for it.
GOOD! Let me tell you, if anyone had put a hand on one of my children we BOTH would have gotten arrested before it was over. If you have a problem with a child's behavior, say something to the parent first. If that doesn't solve the problem, go to security, or the manager. It's totally inappropriate for a total stranger to decide when and how to discipline someone else's child.

3) Woman kicked off plane because child keep saying "Bye bye airplane" over and over.
She was trying to keep him occupied, playing a "peekaboo" type game with him....closing the window so he couldn't see the airplane next to them, so he'd say "Bye bye airplane," then opening the window up again and making him laugh. None of the other passengers complained, in fact they stuck up for her when the flight attendant gave her a rough time. One passenger even got off the plane with her and helped her and her son to get home. The flight attendant needed to suck it up and not be such a least he wasn't screaming at the top of his lungs!

4) Pennsylvania restaurant banning all children under 6.
More power to them! There are some restaurants where children that young DON'T belong, plain and simple. If more parents would teach their children how to behave in a public place, rather than treating them as though they are entitled to scream, yell, run around the room, and generally disturb all the other patrons, then maybe something like this wouldn't be necessary.

When my children were young, we practiced good table manners in the privacy of our own home. We would have "fancy dinners" on occasion, as well, to teach them which fork/spoon to use, etc. So whenever we took them out in public to eat, at a restaurant which was age appropriate for them at that time, they knew how to behave--and they knew that if they didn't, we would pick up and leave, no exceptions.

So, in short, yes, I do agree there are some places/circumstances where it's inappropriate for small children to be present. However, in the vast majority of cases, the solution is for the PARENTS to take charge, to set limits, to actually discipline their children.

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