Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 thoughts

This is going to get me some more nasty comments, I'm sure, but I'm tough enough to deal. With the direction my life has been taking, you'll find me opening my mouth and speaking up for what I believe a lot more often. We never know when we might not get another chance, so I'm DONE sitting back and keeping quiet.

The simple fact is, I'm OVER the days and days of television coverage every September. Yes, it was a horrible day in the history of our country. Yes, it was tragic that so many people died in such a major terrorist attack, and in the aftermath, AND that people continue to die every day because of it. But, in my opinion, what we've done for the last ten years is continue to pick the scab off the wound, rather than allowing for healing.

I started thinking about this post on Friday, when I was listening to a conversation on HLN about "should we teach our children about 9-11 in school?" Do we ask if we should teach them about the Revolutionary War, or the Civil War, or the World Wars, or Vietnam---or are they just presented as part of our history, in a factual manner? Why should this one event be any different?

One parent in that discussion said that parents should have to sign permission slips to allow their children to learn about it...and that parents should have the option of being there in the classroom with their child when it was taught. I saw some pretty gruesome pictures when I learned about The Holocaust, and heard some pretty graphic stories--but no one ever suggested that we needed our parents there to hold our hands to get us through it. Why is this historic event any different?

EVERY generation has it's own defining event, and it changes those who live through it. But those changes, in my opinion, should be for the better. They should be changes in the way we value our freedom, and protect it, and revere it....changes in the way we respond to our neighbors.....the list goes on and on. But what I see with 9-11 is a lot of division: whether it's from those who believe all Muslims are terrorists, or from those who believe the entire incident was an inside job, or even, dare I admit it, from those of us who believe it's time to look at the FUTURE.

Let the lynchings begin. :)


  1. hmm...nice post.

    Really ice to know that pople are tryig to get over the horrible incident is difficult though but trying is must...

    Good Luck !

  2. number one - I think we are babying our children these days and I find it ridiculous. parents who call employers for firing their 20+ year old children. what the hell? they have to grow up and coddling them is just going to leave us with a bunch of unprepared adults who think they deserve everything without having to do a damn thing.

    second, if you look at the wars of the past and the way they are portrayed in our text, they go out of their way NOT to portray Americans in a poor light. sure, we can talk about fighting over land, escaping tyranny, people fighting for the freedoms we have today, but let's look at what they teach regarding the holocaust in school ... I had no idea our own president condoned/supported the publishing of antisemitism propaganda until I was in a college class learning about it. I often asked my teachers why we didn't step in, and I was always answered with, "we stepped in when we knew for sure what was gong on".

    getting accurate texts in school is impossible. so what people are REALLY asking when they want to know if we should be teaching this in schools is, WHAT are we going to tell our children so we don't have to tell them that there are people out there that hate us? there are people who think we are wasteful, arrogant, and controlling. there are people out there who NEED our help, but because they have nothing to offer us, we won't concern ourselves with them. we will meddle in the affairs of countries that can offer us something in return - as "thanks" for stepping in and helping out.

    the 9-11 attacks were meant to be a wake up call ... a lesson ... to teach us that we can be hurt by a "lowly few". these people disagree with our religion, with our way of life, with the fact that our country butts in where it is not wanted.

    how will they spin this? it didn't take 10 years to put the space shuttle explosion into our text books, yet very few have more than a page on this incident. not because it's still raw ... but because in order to explain WHY it happened, we have to paint an unflattering picture of America ... regardless of how we came together afterward, regardless of how united we are now.


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