Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why I Blog

#4 I blog because…

When I started this blog, it was going to just be someplace to occasionally post stuff that was on my mind, or stuff that the family was up to at the moment. Then I started taking my "writing for publication" class, and got bitten by the writing bug, so I was posting a little more often. I found a few writing challenges, and started posting to them weekly, and through reading other responses there, I found other challenges and memes to keep me writing. Then I found out about "postaday2011," and that was just the push I needed.

So now I'm committed to posting something here every day for the rest of the year. By that point, I figure it will have become a habit, and I'll be able to continue to post every day. As a writer, it's important for me to keep WRITING...some days will be easier than others, and some posts will be more pertinent than others, but at least I'll be writing.

So, if you stop by here regularly you'll see a mix of things...fiction, memories, opinions, random facts about me, pictures, and the occasional surprise. I hope that the combination of these things will give you a glimpse of who Teresa was, is and hopes to become.


  1. Teresa, love the fact that you blog to keep your writing going. I have to pass by more often so I can read. ;-)

  2. Thanks Johanna...look forward to hearing from you!


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