Monday, May 2, 2011

Maybe I'm Just Too Cynical

While it seems the entire country is erupting in celebration over the "death" of Osama bin Laden, my immediate reaction was "Prove it!" It all just seems so convenient and so easy....and I have all kinds of questions.

First and foremost, it takes 5 to 10 DAYS to get results in a DNA if they shot him last night, how do they already have DNA proof that it was him?

Second, I know about Islamic law and burial within 24 hours, and burial at sea makes sense to keep followers from turning a gravesite into a shrine. BUT...we got pictures when they found Saddam....where are the photos of Osama? Not only would this satisfy cynics like me, but also followers who will insist it's a lie, and might even use one of the "decoy bin Ladens" to make another video and "prove" to the world he's still alive.

Third...if this compound was so big, and so "palatial," how long has he been there, hiding in plain sight, and why didn't we know about it a long, long time ago?

Fourth...he's killed on the anniversary of the day it was announced that Hitler was dead? Coincidence? Not a fan of 'em!!!

It all just seems so convenient, so fast, and so "clean" an operation. There are just way more questions than answers, and I'll just have to hope that we get more information over time. Otherwise, I'll continue to be a cynic on this issue.


  1. Teresa -

    My first thought was wanting to see proof he was dead. Preferably his head without a body and a body without the head.

  2. I'm hearing they have pics, but are debating releasing them...I guess we just can't handle them. @@

  3. Come on now we haven't even seen Obama's birth certificate and you expect proof of anything from his administration?

  4. I'VE seen the birth certificate several times...sorry you haven't....:)

  5. Exactly,I had the same thing in mind when I saw the news on BBC, Why can't we get proof? Plus, It takes minimum a week to get DNA results, I can't believe they did it all in ONE night.

    And about the Birth Certificate,if you believe it to be true,you have to go see the youtube video.. Its completely fake and Gov. of Hawaii says that there is no proof that Obama was born there..


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