Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

I've been watching coverage on BBCAmerica since 3AM. Just some random thoughts...

* The Beckhams looked gorgeous as usual...but Victoria's hat choice was less than stellar.

* The Prime Minister's wife didn't wear a hat...the British press was scandalized!

* Prince William and Prince Harry looked very handsome in their uniforms...I think Harry actually outshone William this morning!

*It was so "normal" to see the two of them chatting and laughing together at various times today.

* Kate's mother, sister, and Kate herself all went for simple but elegant...gorgeous ladies and gorgeous dresses.

* Camilla's dress was nice...and that's all I'll say about her.

*Loved the bright cheery yellow the Queen wore--and it was so sweet to see her forego getting out of the car on her side, but scoot across the seat to allow Prince Phillip to help her out. They're such a sweet couple, even after 63 yrs together!

*Wasn't sure of the idea of trees in the Abbey, but the effect was magical...and the trees will be planted at Highgrove later, so they'll be a lasting memory.

*Catherine got all of William's names in the right order!

*William isn't going to wear a ring...apparently a royal tradition, but one I don't much care for, personally.

* During the Bishop's Address, Amy and I actually caught William twiddling his thumbs!

* The entire ceremony was, as usual, very impressive. Another example of what thousands of years of tradition can do!

* Watching William and Harry during the recessional...perfect heel to toe precision with every step!

*And the crowds go wild as the newlyweds step out of the Abbey!

* Catherine looks absolutely giddy riding in the coach back to the Palace.

* Catherine's reaction on stepping out onto the balcony: "Oh wow!"

* William BLUSHED after the first public kiss on the balcony!

* Harry and Prince Phillip had a good laugh at William's expense after the blush. Again, the seem to be relaxing and becoming more "normal."


  1. samantha rankin-swanApril 29, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    so i liked it lol but camilla she a horse and made me mad as ahe has stated she is so proud of the way her and charles raised will bullshit he was 15 when his mother died u raised noone will looked consipated loved elton john loved loved loved my harry he totally outshined his brother kate was beutiful i hate that will isnt weraing a ring i find it disresectful towards kate but watever

  2. Loved the wedding! Loved all the pomp and circumstance too. It doesn't bother me that Will's not wearing a ring. My husband doesn't wear one and for that matter I don't either. Course, I'm allergic and can't. LOL. I got up here in time to see her walk down the aisle on her Daddy's arm. Just loved that they asked for no gifts but that people donate to their favorite charities instead. I think this couple just might make it. I hope they will.


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