Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Space Shuttle For Dayton

Well, it's now official. The National Museum of the Air Force, located in Dayton, Ohio, will NOT be getting one of the retired space shuttles to add to their collection. The four shuttles will be going to the following locations:

1. Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC gets Discovery
2. Kennedy Space Center, Florida gets Atlantis
3. California Science Center, Los Angeles gets Endeavor
4. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York gets Enterprise

Other than the Smithsonian and Kennedy, I do not understand how and why these sites were chosen above Dayton. We're in the middle of the country, a central location...the museum is filled with flight history...admission to the museum is FREE...Ohio is the home of the Wright Brothers, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong....about a dozen space shuttle astronauts have been from Ohio. The list of reasons is compelling, in my opinion.

I would like to hear from someone just HOW this decision was reached, especially since I'm aware that not only did we meet all 10 criteria that were presented to be eligible, we also EXCEEDED several of them. There are rumblings that a request has already been made to have a investigation launched into the selection process. I feel as if this decision was a slap in the face to our efforts here to present the ENTIRE history of aviation to anyone who is interested...and not just to those who can afford the price of admission.

There are some people who are already saying that the selection process was a political one. If so, it was a poor political move...could it be that people have forgotten how important OHIO is in any national election? I say it's time we stand up and be counted yet again, Ohio...there's more to the United States than New York and California, after all (no offense to any of my friends who live in either state...I'm sure you all know what I'm saying!!!)

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  1. I totally understand what you're saying, and I honestly have no idea why cali gets it. I know nothing about the selection process, I just heard mention of 450 million dollars on the news last night but I have no idea HOW it pertained to the ordeal.


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