Saturday, April 16, 2011


Was just reading through some prompts I saved, and ran across one asking "Do you prefer classic children's names or modern children's names?" The simple answer to that would be that I prefer classic children's names...but I have always had a few "rules" I used when naming my own children, which makes the answer a little bit more complicated.

For starters, there's a family tradition on my mother's side which I'm sure was unintentional until I noticed it---female names that end with the letter A. My great-grandmother was Emma, my grandmother was Freda, my mother is Gloria, I'm Teresa, and my daughters are Samantha and Amylia. It appears the tradition may end with them, however, judging from the names they are throwing around (even though neither is currently expecting or planning to be any time soon).

When it comes to male names, I like names that have a history in the family. I like the thought of keeping them going, in some form. To me, it's a way of honoring family members who have come before us.

Each of my three children have names with stories behind them:

1) Brian Alan--Brian is his father's middle name, and Alan is his grandfather's middle name. If he had been a girl, his name would have been Brianna Elizabeth. :)

2) Samantha Adrienne--Before I realized I could continue a family tradition, I wanted to name her Adrienne Elizabeth, and her father wanted to name her Samantha this was our "compromise" name. If she had been a boy, her name would have been Gerald Alexander, names from great grandfathers on both sides of the family.

3) Amylia Marie--I wanted to name her after her father, but I don't like any of the feminine forms of George (they're a little TOO "old" for my taste), so I used his (and his father's) middle name of Amyl, and feminized it, so that it's pronounced Amelia--and we've shortened it to Amy. Marie is George's mother's middle name. If she had been a boy, we would have continued the tradition of the first name George and a middle name beginning with A, and she would have been George Alexander.

I also have names that I would use if I ever had another child (which is NOT going to happen)...Rebecca Anne and Jacob Alexander (yes, I'm stuck on Alexander as a middle name, and never got the chance to use it! LOL)


  1. I love the stories behind names. Love the tradition of the letter A at the end for girls names Teresa.

  2. how cute!
    I had rules for my kids names as well - hubby hated my rules, but I made him suck it up ;)


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