Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meeting Online

#2 Did you ever date anyone you met online? Do tell……

It was the summer of 1999. I was going through a difficult time, and I had joined several of what are now called Yahoo Groups. It was only a day or two before I took notice of someone else who was also on a couple of the same groups. He had a warped sense of humor much like mine, and he was a big flirt, also much like me. We took part in several group discussions, and then one day I mentioned I was dealing with an online stalker of sorts...a guy who just didn't know how to take "No" for an answer. The guy I had noticed on my email groups volunteered to "take care" of the stalker problem for me, so I sent him the screen name and later that day he sent me a copy of their message conversation....he had told Stalker that he was my new boyfriend, and that he didn't take kindly to Stalker upsetting me!

It wasn't quite what I'd been expecting (I'm not sure WHAT I'd been expecting, to tell ya the truth!), but I emailed him back, thanked him, and said something along the lines of "If you're going to be my new boyfriend, guess we ought to get to know each other, huh? LOL" That was the beginning of our daily online chats, where we started to learn more about one another than we could from the groups.

Backing up a little, I should mention that he lived in Arizona, and I was in I was thinking strictly in terms of friendship when we started talking. I continued to think that way throughout the summer and fall, even though we were now chatting online for HOURS every day. One day a mutual friend of ours told me that she could always tell when I'd been talking to him before I talked to her because I was just "more bubbly," and she got me to start thinking about how I was REALLY feeling about him.

Not long after that, we had a conversation that changed things for me. He was talking about what we would do if I were there in Arizona....going to lunch, taking a walk after....and I told him he should find someone close to home to actually do those things with. His response: "Why would I want to do that when I've already found the girl I want to be with?" Idiot that I am, MY response was "Oh? When did this happen?" And then he totally blew me away: "When I started talking to YOU, of course!"

From that point on, we were much more open and honest about how we felt, and in March of 2000 he made his first trip to Ohio to see me. From then until August 2002, we had about two visits a year, HOURS of online chatting every day, and several hours of telephone conversation every week. In August 2002, he made the move to Ohio, and the two of us, along with my three children, moved into an apartment together. In May 2003 we made it official....and I love him more with every day that goes by!!!

The happy couple, on our anniversary last year. :)


  1. Teresa -

    What a wonderful story. I met my wife on line. Not the same results you have.

  2. Totally love, love this post! Thank you for sharing.


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