Friday, April 22, 2011

Blogging With Mom

This post is written from a prompt, provided here:

2.) If my Mom were a blogger...

I truly can't imagine my almost 72 yr. old mother as a blogger. She had a computer for a couple of years, about a decade ago, when she was in college. She was on AOL, as was I, and tried to get the knack of instant messages and email, but they left her confused with all their "complicated" technology.

But just for the sake of this post, let's pretend that she was as into the whole internet experience as I am. I would guess that, if she were, she would blog rather sporadically, rather than on a daily basis. She would most likely blog about pet peeves (she has even more of them than me), political things that aggravate her, and her family.

I would dread reading blog posts about the family stuff. I've always been "the black sheep" in her eyes, and I can just imagine her using a blog to tell the world how disappointing I am to her. And, until I had it out with her a couple of years ago, there would have been posts about my daughters which would have made it obvious that she favored one of THEM over the other.

So, no matter how much I love my mother, and value her opinions in many cases, I am VERY glad that she isn't online and doesn't blog! LOL


  1. why to grandparents do that whole favour thingy....that can be very tough to deal with.

    definatly a good thing your mom isn't blogging...although her posts would give you tons to write about lol

  2. I would chuckle a little at your post, but I know from experience how tough it is to experience the wrong side of favoritism. And I know you aren't joking, sadly.
    Good thing she isn't a blogger...


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