Friday, November 19, 2010

Severus Snape--Love Him Or Hate Him

Found this, which I wrote before this last book came out...thought it was fitting to share again today before Amy and I go to see Part 1 of the final movie tonight.

Severus Snape--Love Him Or Hate Him

That seems to be how it goes with this particular character. There's no middle ground, you either love him or you hate him. As you may have guessed from my new avatar, I am most assuredly in the "love him" camp. From book one, I have always felt that he was being underestimated and unappreciated by a lot of people, and that we would eventually find his heart to be in the right place.

There are those who would say that his actions in Book Six prove that he's always been loyal to Voldemort, and was just playing at being loyal to Dumbledore and the Order. I say that the evidence in that book proves the exact opposite, if you know where to look. From the beginning, Snape has always been hard on Harry.....because he has always KNOWN what Harry would be up against, and he wanted him to be as ready as he could be. He never liked James, but he cared very much for Lily, and I believe that concern has always carried over to Harry. He could never display it openly, the way others did, because of his connection to Voldemort and the Death Eaters. How could he convince them of his continued loyalty if he obviously favored The Boy Who Lived?

And yet, we can see that he has. He saved Harry in the first book, when Hermione thought he was cursing him. He was the one who got the Order to the Ministry in book five when he realized where Harry and Company had gone and why.....when he could have just let Voldemort take them all out and have it all end right there. And in book six, as he and Draco were running from the castle, chased by Harry, was he trying to kill Harry to get away? No, he was TEACHING Harry as they ran, telling him what he would need to improve if he ever hoped to defeat Voldemort. Again, why not just keep that information to himself and let his "master" continue to have the upper hand?

And then of course, there's the entire issue of Snape "murdering" Dumbledore. My theory? Severus "avada"'d a virtual dead man. Dumbledore had told Harry he needed to get to Snape, as Snape was the only one who could help him. With every second that ticked by, Dumbledore was closer to death from that potion he drank in the cave. With all the fighting going on in the castle, he wasn't going to get off that tower and to the dungeon...and Severus couldn't very well TAKE him there, past all his Death Eater "buddies," without a good explanation. So, either Dumbledore was going to die from the potion, essentially murdered by Voldemort--which would destroy the morale of the Order in no time flat, because if Dumbledore couldn't survive, how could any of the rest of them?--or Severus could keep his promise to Dumbledore, to keep Draco from having to commit murder, and then the Order would rally, and go after Severus AND Voldemort.

As far as Snape's fate in the final book, I have a bad feeling. I think that he will have to die to prove to readers and the Order alike that he, like Harry, has always been "Dumbledore's man." I believe that he will sacrifice himself in an attempt to help or save Harry, and that he will be killed by Voldemort....and I will cry my eyes out.:(


  1. Came over for your mama kat post but when I saw "Severus Snape" in the topics I had to go look. :)

    Dumbledore was going to die even before he drank the potion, b/c Snape had told him that he couldn't contain the curse that blackened his hand forever...

    Oh my, I really am a die hard HP geek, amn't I? :)

  2. LOL...good to know I'm not the only one!!! And you're right, he WAS going to die even before the potion....I just forgot to mention that part!


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